Now a Social Media Dashboard You Can Call Your Own

  • Customizable as per your needs
  • Flexible Client Management
  • Competitive price
  • World Class Support
  • Comes with Mobile App - Android and IOS

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Are you an Agency?

Increase and nurture your clientele with the Socioboard’s offerings designed uniquely for the Agencies. These versions have a great interface that anybody can understand, powerful engagement tools and customizable analytics to monitor, analyze and report across countless social profiles. What’s more, you can feature your own logo and domain name, so your clients consider it your product, not to mention Socioboard anywhere. Agencies can use commerically supported whitelabel version of Socioboard. Its fully open sourced and customizable as per your agency needs.

Agency White Label version is best suited to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who’d need support, updates, upgrades and related apps for being able to use Socioboard effectively to continue to build their clientele and their brands.

Agency White Label version is available in three different variants

Agency Lite
Agency Lite is best suited for small agencies. You could put your logo and deploy it up.Click to buy agency lite of $1999.
Agency Pro
Agency Pro allows you to deploy with your logo as well as your theme. It makes your customers feel at home.Click to buy agency pro of $2999.
Agency Premium
Agency Premium offers full customization with your logo, theme and also iOS and Android apps. This is a full-fledged version suitable for scaling agencies. Click to buy agency premium of $4999.